The story is about how I started my Blog..?

It starts with questions..!! Why did I decide to start this blog? Do I want to blog? Can I keep up with it? When did I start this blog? When did I get this thought to blog? What made me to blog? Who encouraged me to start a blog?

With all this question and confusion after a long fight with myself. Finally, I’ve started my blog..!! Then a few more questions raised. How and where to start? Questions everywhere and at every step..!!

Why did I decide to start this blog?

I wanted to keep this as a diary for my lessons and experiences, believe this helps me to encourage myself towards new learning and challenges. Not sure how much I can keep up, but want to put up at least one post per day (JOKE): smile:, it never happened since I started this blog, so you can see I just posted two posts in last one year.

Do I want to blog?

Absolutely yes, because this helps to maintain a record of my works, improve them incase and correct the errors I made.

Can I keep up with it?

Hmm..So far no, but from today (17-May-2020) I should start doing it.

Before I start a blog, I thought it would be easy to put up a post every day, but it didn’t happen for different reasons. From today, I want to post regularly.

When did I start this blog?

One lonely Saturday 15th June’19 finally I decided that was the day to start my blog and did some research and registered a domain name “THEWHATNOTE” for my website\blog.

What made me to blog?

As part of day to day professional career, I used to google “Search Online” a lot to fulfill my tasks and activities. Huge thanks to GOOGLE for helping me in my accomplishment, every day I used to scroll through tons of websites\blogs, but I never bother to start a blog and didn’t even think of it.

One day, I received a task to automate some processes, but I remember that I worked on a similar task in the past but I don’t have any reference to refer it. I have searched for it but didn’t help, then I thought why not to have a blog for myself? And then, that I can save time if I want to refer and keep a track of my works.

Who encouraged me to start a blog?

After a long struggle with myself, I pushed hard to start a blog. So, it’s me and my wonderful friend and ex-college Raghav. We played as a team in my Ex-company IBM, many times he pushed to start my blog but I never took it so seriously. Why, because I not so sure about how to start and take it forward? But the day has come, and I started it. Nevertheless, my friend Raghav is unaware that I started a blog, let’s keep it as a surprise.

How and where to start?

I’m not comfortable using any blogging services and I don’t want to see my blog name as subdomain then decide a name for my blog? It took around a month to decide “THEWHATNOTE” I want it to be like a general name not tied to any technology\industry.

And I don’t want to invest in any hosting services to host my website. Because until I prove to myself, that I can keep up and make a decent number of posts to justify the investment for hosting service. So, I want to try free hosting, but not comfortable for various reasons, then I came across GitHub PAGES which helps to host you website on a GitHub, then I decided to and stated working towards it. I have read many articles from Kevin Marquette blog POWERSHELLEXPLAINED and I like the theme Beautiful Jekyll he used, then I forked it to my GitHub repository and started customizing to match my requirements.

I started to observe the blogs I’m reading, then I came across François-Xavier Cat and Dave Carroll blogs which I felt interesting and dug more into them to find how they built and customized it. Both of them used a different Jeklly based theme Minimal Mistakes. I liked forked and migrated blog content.


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