How I Blog..!!


After a long struggle decided to host my site in GitHub because it’s free and reliable.

GitHub pages

Git Pages it’s a wonderful platform to start your blog\website at zero price. I recommend every beginner should try this to start their blog. It hosts your site on GitHub where you have source control for your code\site.

Theme and Framework

Minimal Mistakes by Michael Rose build on Jekyll one of the popular static site generator.

Configuration changes I made

Will update them here

Editor I use

Visual Studio Code is my IDE to write code and blog posts.


Staticman v2 is hosting my comments.


Later a long struggle for I came to know that Staticman is not longer providing an API to host your comments, rather you should deploy your instance of Staticman to host your comments. Here is a wonderful article by Tavius down and another article by Willy McAllister to deploy and integrate it with the blog.


gianmarco polotti

Hi Harish, I’am trying to do the same exactly with the same choices. Now, I’am trying to add static comments and I will follow your references. I leave a comment so you can test the system. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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